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Fresh Start Tax Testimonials

Dear Mr. Joseph Dimino, Esq.,

“Let me start by saying you sir have the patience of Job & in dealing with our situation you needed it plus.”

After going through some very difficult health issues along with various family circumstances, we found ourselves in one big mess with the IRS. It entailed multiple tax years which of course made it a bigger challenge. We honestly felt we may have to file bankruptcy something we did not want to do. Then I decided to call Fresh Start Tax and just see what their program entailed. After our initial phone call with Mr. Michael and other staff members we felt and believed these folks just might be able to get us out of this stressful issue.

We were assigned to Mr. Joseph Dimino in California and we live on the east coast. I didn’t know how this was going to work and at times it became difficult as Joseph ended up working with one of the most difficult offices possible. There was always some issue with appointments, documentation, extended timeframes all IRS issues. At times we felt discouraged that this just isn’t going to work.

But unknown to us Joseph as stated above was one of the most patient professionals I have ever worked with period. Joseph never once lost his cool. He was always confident he could & would make it work. When he communicated with me over the phone or through emails he remained cool as a cucumber and he became a friend as time dragged on with various IRS speed bumps if you will. Joe was always calm, supportive and I begun to feel like I had known him for years.

Now that the issue is coming to a culmination, my wife and I want to thank Joseph for all his hard work, long hours, patience and at times humor which was much needed, and give him an A+ for his truly professional tax expertise!

We will certainly refer anyone we come across who needs your services and advise them that Fresh Start Tax and Mr. Joseph Dimino are the BEST TEAM to have on your side if you have an IRS issue.

Joseph, keep enjoying that warm California sun and your family.

With warmest regards & God’s Blessings!
-Rich & Bambi

Dear Steve,

“First of all D and I want to thank you and your associates for all the detailed work on our 2009 tax issue. It was a great Christmas notification that our net debt owed was ” 0″!

Again thank you and to you and all the folks at Fresh Start Tax—Prospero Año Nuevo!


Dear Fresh Start Tax,

“Thank you for your firm’s work and invaluable assistance in representing my interest with the Internal Revenue Service and the quick resolution of my collection matter with the IRS.”

“What you and Susan Moss did for me has given me an ability to move forward that i did not think was available.”

I cannot thank you enough.

Warm regards,

Dear Fresh Start Tax,

“Thanks to Fresh Start, I am feeling more and more confident about finally getting caught up after all these years.”

“By cutting expenses drastically, and with the realistic installment agreement amount you obtained for me, I have been able to explore other career options, pay overdue business debts, but most importantly get caught up on last year’s taxes and start getting caught up for the current year. I appreciate the ongoing professionalism and courteous service Fresh Start provides. Thank you so much!”

M. Johnson

Dear Michael,

“There is nothing more meaningful than truly making a difference in the life of another human being.”

“The Banyan team Worked with hundreds of general aviation aircraft owners, pilots dispatchers, ground handling crews, and relief Workers to save thousands of lives in Haiti during the first three months after the January 12th earthquake.

What a privilege to Witness the generosity of private aircraft owners and corporate operators offering their aircraft, personnel, and crew at their own expense to help a desperate Country.

A special thank you to Robin Eissler of Jet Quest, Marianne Stevenson of Corporate Aviation Responding in Emergencies, and Susanne Campion of Banyan Air Service who took hundreds of phone Calls and text messages 24/7.
These ladies were responsible for scheduling and filling each donated flight with relief Workers and medical supplies going to l-Latia as Well es bringing orphans, injured Haitians, and returning relief Workers back to the USA.

I grew up with the challenge that it you can’t feed 100 people, then just feed 1.
Please accept this poster as a humble reminder of how blessed We are in the USA and how We Worked together in general aviation to bring hope to those Who had lost everything in Haiti

Don Qampion for the Banyan Team

P.S. God gave you 86,400 seconds today – have you used one to say “Thank you?”

Dear Fresh Start Tax,

“I just wanted to send a note of appreciation to everyone that helped out. Joe Dimino did a great job for me and was a pleasure working with him.”

“It wasn’t easy with me being on the other side of the world most the time. He did some nice work all around. Thanks Again”

Dustin B.

Dear Fresh Start Tax,

“I am sending this email to let you know that my issue with the IRS has been resolved at this time.”

“Both my husband and I would like to thank you and your associates for the help that you gave us.  Speaking with your associates gave both of us a great feeling of relief.  We have kept all of the information that you have sent to us, just in case.”

Irene and JB

Dear Fresh Start Tax,

“Joe Dimino is awesome! He did an outstanding job on our IRS audit, and he did so while making us feel incredibly comfortable.

He was always kind, calm, respectful, helpful. He is a true professional in both skill and attitude! If you’re looking for a tax professional, I recommend Joe everyday, all day! Thank you, Joe.”


I will certainly refer anyone I come across who needs your services for sure.

Dear Fresh Start Tax,

I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated you for taking your valuable time to talk us through our options yesterday. I can’t imagine how tough your job is to hear these sob stories all day long, but you are also able to give hope for the future and that is what you did with us. You really listened and heard what we said. You were direct, yet kind in your responses. So, thank you for your ears and heart!

You didn’t try to get us to come to your company and charge us more money, which is unheard of in this industry. I wish we would’ve known about you guys 2 years ago as I think we’d be much closer or would have had a resolution by now.

I will certainly refer anyone I come across who needs your services for sure.

Thank you again, for your time and consideration, it was certainly appreciated.

Jody and Don

Fresh Start Tax stopped a wage levy/garnishment in one day. Thought his supervisor would fire him. Fresh Start Tax took care of everything.

Case History: Ron W. did not receive a Final Notice sent by the Internal Revenue Service. He had moved and never got his forwarding mail. IRS found out where he had worked and had sent a 668W wage garnishment to his employer.

When he went to get his pay check they handed him the Notice of Levy. He thought he would be fired by his supervisor because of the levy. We also talked with his supervisor indicating that we would get this tax levy removed. He found us on the internet after spoking with several companies. He felt like he was being pitched a sale by other companies. He was. This was a simple matter of knowing and calling the right people at IRS which we did because of our 60 years of being Managers and Instructors at the IRS. Ron SKYPED us so he could see us face to face.

The Great Result: We got an immediate release of the wage levy because IRS did not send him the final notice as required by law. IRS faxed the levy release directly to his employer the same day we called IRS.

Client Quote:

“If I did not find you, the IRS would have seized my paycheck. My electric bill was due and I would not have had the money to pay it. You guys Rock. Your fees were cheaper than I thought. I will refer you anyone who has a tax problem, you guys are the best!”

Fresh Start Tax cleaned up a client who had not filed tax returns in over 15 years. No fears anymore.

Case History: Tori B. had not filed tax returns in over 15 years. As a matter of fact, we really do not know when the last time she filed. When she called us she was scared to death. She had reached out to several companies on the internet but was not impressed with their BBB rating. Several had law suits against them and consumer complaints on google searches. Tori was securing a job that required a review of her last 3 years tax returns and credit reports.

The Great Result: Since Fresh Start Tax is comprised of former IRS Managers and Agents and know all of the laws and rulings regarding non-filers, we made a decision to file the last 3 years tax returns based on the available history of this client. We called IRS and they agreed to accept the last 3 years. As it turned out, Tori wound up receiving a tax refund.

Client Quote:

“How can I thank you enough, I thought I was going to jail but in reality I was due a refund.”

IRS was closing a business belonging to a general contractor because of payroll (941) problems. No problems anymore.

Case History: Steve W. was a general contractor. He lived in California. Due to the economy he owed back payroll taxes of over $100,000. His case was assigned to a local Revenue Officer. The Revenue Officer demanded full payment or he would immediately close his business down and sell all of the assets for back payroll taxes. The client could not come up with the $100,000.

The Great Result: Fresh Start Tax filed an immediate power of attorney with the IRS and set up a conference call with the IRS Revenue Officer. We had prepared all necessary paper work and financial statements required by the IRS. After negotiating with the IRS.

We not only set up a $700 per month payment agreement, we had some of the penalties and interest removed all well. The client is now able to successfully manage his business as of the date of this writing.

Client Quote:

“I thought I was going out of business and the IRS was going to close my doors. My wife and I were contemplating getting divorced because of this problem. Not only did you save my business, but you were able to get the penalties and interest removed. You guys are a blessing.”

IRS Audited 3 years of tax returns, client was worried, panicked and upset by what would happen next. IRS did not change her tax returns.

Case History: Claudette M. was being audited by the IRS for 3 years on several different tax issues and the IRS Agent was very difficult. We were not going to be bullied or pushed around by an IRS Revenue Agent. Since we are former IRS agents we know their boundaries.

The Great Result: We immediately went to their area manager and supervisor with our complaints and the paperwork we submitted to the agent who had made unreal expectations. IRS no changed the tax return. “No Changed the Return ” means they made absolutely no changes to the tax returns for three years.

Client Quote:

“You saved my life. I could not sleep or eat because of my fear of what could happen. You handled me with gentleness and grace. Thank you so much, Steve you were a real blessing.”

As a side note, the client framed her no change letter and put it up in her office.

IRS wanted to File a Federal Tax Lien and ruin my credit. No way IRS!

Case History: Michael B was a businessman out of New York. He owed the IRS $175,000 for three back tax years. He was a financial analyst. The IRS had threatened to file a Federal Lien ruining his credit and possibly his livelihood.

He was panicked that he could lose his license, his credit and his job.

The Great Result: We filed a Collection Due Process and successfully stopped the filing of the Federal Tax Lien. We also worked out a successful payment plan with the IRS.

Client Quote:

“Fresh Start Tax saved my license, my job and my life. I can never repay you guys, a big New York thanks.”

Needed to file 3 years of tax returns to IRS because they issued a Federal Summons. He had no tax records.

Case History: Andrew P. lives in Georgia and is a a self employed contractor that had not filed tax returns for three years. He had no tax records. The IRS had left a Federal Summons on the door step demanding the filing of his tax returns. He had no idea what to do and felt threaten by the Federal Tax Summons. He searched the Internet and felt different firms were pitching him and overcharging for the work and representation. He was a Christian and wanted Christian representation.

The Great Result: We pulled the IRS transcripts and filed reconstructed tax returns satisfying the IRS Summons. We also worked out a very reasonable payment agreement as well. He could not have been happier.

Client Quote:

“I thought I was in serious trouble because I had no tax records. I was more frightened to see the IRS had left a Federal Tax Summons on my front door, that scared me so much I could not sleep. My wife was very upset with me. Since I had no tax records I had no idea how you would do your magic. I appreciate the honesty and the moral integrity involved in dealing with me and the preparation of my tax returns. I cannot thank you enough.”

My ex-husband did not claim all the income he made and I got stuck with the tax bill. IRS accepted my request for Innocent Spouse.

Case History: Patty B. was divorced and found out that her ex-husband had unreported income that he did not included on their married filed jointly tax return while they were still married. IRS was now going after Patty for the full amount of the tax because the husband was broke. Patty found all of this out two years after she got divorced.

The Great Result: We filed for Innocent Spouse tax relief claiming that Patti had no idea about the additional income and she thought she was signing a correct tax return at the time.

IRS completely removed the tax liability from her name after filing for Innocent Spouse Relief.

Client Quote:

“I thought I would have to live with this my whole life. This was my husband’s fault and I am glad to be cleared of this mess, thanks for coming through in a big way. The tax liability would have crippled this single mom.”

IRS tried to make me a “responsible officer for trust fund payroll taxes”. No way IRS!

Case History: Wayne B. is from Texas. He was sent a 2751 letter by the IRS making him responsible for trust fund taxes for a company he had worked for. He signed some company checks and worked in the office.

The Great Result: Fresh Start Tax appealed the determination by the IRS. At the appeals hearing IRS did not find enough to substantiate his responsibility for the payroll tax liability. Because he signed only some checks did not make him in fact a responsible person under section 6672 of the IRS Code. IRS reversed their position Wayne was relieved of all responsibility.

Client Quote:

“Thanks for getting me off the hook. Also your price was both responsible and fair. I wished more companies operated like you. Your communication with me was the best. You took the worry out of this for me.”

IRS filed a Substitute for Tax Return. He needed immediate help. They also sent out a bank levy to seize his bank account. Stopped IRS completely!

Case History: Andrew P. lives in Michigan. Our Better Business Rating convinced him in hiring us. Andrew for a number of personal reasons did not file tax returns for 3 years. IRS send him notices but because he moved three times he never receive the notice of filing. Also, to collect the monies IRS placed a levy on his bank account.

The Great Result: Fresh Start Tax refiled his tax returns and filed for a Reconsideration. His correct tax return were accepted by the IRS reducing his tax liability by 90%. IRS removed the bank levy when the situation was explained to them. We set up a very low payment agreement for Andrew so his tax debt is now manageable.

Client Quote:

“I was freaked out when I received this bank levy. I had no idea where this came from. I cannot tell you my heartfelt thanks for getting me out of this mess. I will have you file my tax returns promptly each and every year moving forward.”

Dear Fresh Start Tax,

I cannot thank you enough for handling my IRS issues. After dealing with another office who did nothing, you guys did everything that you promised. Thanks again, especially Steve Jacob for guiding me every step of the way.

Jerry H.

My name is John W. and I am a Tax-a-Phobic.

For the past 60 years I have suffered from the debilitating condition I call Tax-a-Phobia: fear of taxes and the IRS with no basis or reason.

Each year, for the past 60 years, I have been entitled to an income tax refund. Some years more than $5000. Even so, I have been incapable of filling out tax forms. An IRS letter in my mailbox causes instant fear.
I have lost thousands of dollars in tax refunds because I have never filed.

Starting right after Christmas, TV commercials for “Turbo Tax” and other personal tax tutorials cause my throat to tighten and a knot to form in my stomach.

I have over two dozen unopened certified/return receipt letters from the IRS kept in a plastic storage container because I’m too scared to open them.

Each January, I write down my goals for the year. “Bring all taxes current” is always the first goal on my list. Each year that goal goes unaccomplished and embarrassingly rolls over into the next year’s list of goals.

Having been a Naval Aviator, Airline Captain, SCUBA diver, skydiver, & motorcyclist, it is incomprehensible to me why I am so fearful of taxes and the IRS.

In November 2010, I received two letters from the IRS on the same day. Though frozen with fear, I knew it was time to take action. I sensed the IRS was about to come down hard on me. And they were.

After an exhaustive “Google” search, I contacted Fresh Start” I chose Fresh Start because a fresh start was exactly what I needed. I was confident the specialized experience each member of the Fresh Start team has would provide the very best chance for resolving my income tax issues.

I made an appointment with Steve Jacob, one of the founders of Fresh Start. I brought the two unopened IRS letters with me and explained my phobia as I handed the letters to him. I felt like a defendant on trial who is about to learn the jury’s verdict.

As I sat there, Steve opened the letters then phoned the IRS starting the process of resolving my tax issues. Within a couple of weeks and many diligent hours of work on Steve’s part, my tax returns from 2001 to present were ready signature. The refunds due were in the thousands! The relief I felt was like the relief a defendant expecting a death penalty verdict experiences when the jury renders a verdict of “not guilty” and the Judge announces the case dismissed.

If you are a Tax-a-Phobic like me or have other tax related issues you can’t resolve, I most strongly recommend you give Fresh Start a call. These folks are action oriented. They get results fast. I will have my tax returns completed by them from now on.

Today I have nothing to fear. I am still a recovering Tax-a-Phobic but as long as I take my IRS/tax related issues to Fresh Start, I will never have to live in fear again.

With Profound Gratitude,

Captain John W.
Airline Pilot / Tax-a-Phobic
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was contacted by the IRS for numerous years of unfiled taxes, and knew that I needed professional guidance. I had called various other widely advertised tax help services, and quickly became frustrated with their lack of knowledge, hard sale tactics, outlandish promises, and refusal to speak in-depth about my issues to any degree, without me giving them my credit card info up front. After inadvertently coming across Fresh Start, I called them and was relieved to have finally found the true professionals that I was searching for. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and did not ask for a single penny, until their work was complete. They were always happy to answer any questions that I may have had, and every time I called with those questions, I was transferred directly to Steve Jacobs, the CPA who was working my returns… Not a call center agent, or voicemail recording. I would recommend these guys to anyone!

Damon B.

Case Study

T.M. came to Fresh Start Tax owing the IRS $60,000.00. and the IRS had sent notices of levies to his bank and employer. His bank account and wages were frozen. FST immediately contacted the IRS, worked out a solution and both levies were released within days. He is relieved and thankful to have his tax problem put behind him.

“Mike, I’m a free man. My levy of wages was released! Thanks for all your help! You’re great!!”



I just wanted to write a note of thanks to you. I want you to know that I appreciate EVERYTHING that you have done for not only me, but for my family as well. When I started the process of looking for someone to help me with my situation, I happen to come across your website. Your website, to me, came across with the best message. I decided to phone in only to be greeted by Steve W. I told Steve W. my situation, he listened thoroughly and told me that you would get back in touch with me. THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST PHONE CALLS I’VE EVER RECEIVED!! Steve, after talking with you I was blown away with not only your professionalism, but also your confidence in what you do and your WINNING attitude. You know that I was reduced to tears from the fear of the unknown as well as the embarrassment of not handling my personal affairs, but because of you and ONLY you I am not only able to feel better about my situation, but I feel that with your help I will get past this. Steve, words will never be able to truly express my thankfulness as well as my appreciation for what you have accomplished for me and my family. I will NEVER forget that.

Steve, in closing, I want you to also know that you are truly a gentleman, from our handshake on, you and the staff of FRESH START have truly turned my life around. I will recommend my friends and relatives to you for all their tax needs.


Kent S.


For the last couple of years I have been dealing with IRS issues. Finally, the IRS placed a garnishment on my wages. Feeling that there was no hope in sight, I was given your name by a local attorney. From our initial meeting, you and Steve made me feel like solving my IRS problems was your priority. It was less than a week from the time that I walked into your office that the wage garnishment was removed. Next, you helped me workout a long term solution to resolve my IRS problems, that I can live with.

Seth S.

Dear Mike,

open quoteThank you for your unbelievable help and guidance. I guess there really are great people still left in the world.close quote

Barbara S.

Dear Mike,

open quoteWe want to again say thanks so much for all your help. Not only did you help us, but you were so kind in being there by our side when we were so nervous. You are a very patient man, for we asked so many small questions and you took all the time in answering them so we novices at taxes could understand. We are very grateful for all of you guidance and help.close quote

Again, thanks a million.

C.Z. and Y.C.

Dear Mr. Sullivan,

open quoteI wanted to thank you for all your help at looking at my tax situation. It restores your faith in human beings when people like you take the time to help someone in need. Thank you again so much!close quote

Frankie C.

Dear Mike,

I am writing to you for your superior Professional acumen that concerns another individual that seeks your long history of excellent and honorable advice.

Your advice and handling of these things is worth its weight in Gold. I have never forgotten what you did for me. Thanks for saving me thousands!  Bless you Mike, and thanks.

Arthur Y.

open quoteDear Michael, on behalf of the Ft. Lauderdale chapter of the Christian Business Men’s Committee, we wanted to say, “Thank You, well done.” The dramatic nature of the events in your testimony will greatly affect those men and women who heard you speak. Thank you again, for your transparent and open sharing. The Christian Business Men’s Committee is an international organization started in the United States in 1930 by seven men.

Today, CBMC has grown from a small group of men in Chicago to over 18,000 members in 700 teams across the United States. Worldwide CBMC is active in over 70 countries with over 50,000 members total. Our purpose is to evangelize and disciple business and professional men for Christ.close quote

Michael M.

Dear Mr. Sullivan,

open quoteIt isn’t possible to properly express my appreciation for your recent help. Words seem to fall short in trying to tell you how greatly I appreciate your advice. It meant more than I can ever tell you to have the information and guidance.close quote

Shelby J.

open quoteMike, it is my pleasure to thank you for your participation and assistance in this year’s Savings Bond Drive. With your help, 269 employees in the District either began savings bonds or increased their savings through US Savings Bonds. Your enthusiastic support of the program contributed to our success in this year’s campaign. Congratulations on a job well done.close quote

Charles D, District Director, Internal Revenue Service

open quoteDear Mike: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us this morning regarding the Internal Revenue Service and the handling of collection cases. We all found your presentation to be very informative. We will certainly keep your services in mind if the need arises for one of our clients welcome the opportunity to work with you. Thanks again.close quote

Joseph L., CPA Keefe, McCullough & Co.

open quoteDear Mike: Many thanks for your good advice and great help. I will be in touch with you in the near future. I enclose a gift for your collection.close quote

Frank W.

open quoteDear Mike: Now that Barbara’s divorce matter is final I want to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all of the help and assistance that you have provided regarding her IRS problems. It appears that you were successful in the preventing the IRS from levying on Barbara’s salary and Ken and I, as well as Barbara, are very grateful for all of the time and effort you expended in this matter. I look forward to working with you again in the future.close quote

Linda. P.

open quoteDear Mr. Sullivan. This is to inform you that the IRS accepted my compromise offer for $4,000, with the agreement that I pay interest from the date of the acceptance until the date that they receive payment. All the other normal contingencies apply also, that I file and pay all taxes for five years from the acceptance date. Thanks for your help on this. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have it resolved, and to be able to get on with my life. Thanks again.close quote

Dolores P.

open quoteDear Mr. Sullivan, you certainly do care about the children in your community! You’ve demonstrated by caring by providing sufficient funds to allow a number of needy families to have the food to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together. We took our Student Council to Publix to shop for the food for these families and, as an added benefit, it was so wonderful to hear them talk about the good feelings they experienced that came from knowing they were helping others. Additionally, it was and academic learning experience for them, they prepared a shopping list, estimated and calculated the cost of the groceries and learned how to find a good bargain. A gaggle of kids excited about finding “two for one” deals was such as sight to behold.

Just when Laurie and I thought we had received more than we had ever hoped for from you and your colleagues and were getting ready to express our thanks, you overwhelmed us with more beautiful toys and clothing. Many children who would find an empty tree (or no tree at all) on Christmas morning will now be blessed this year because of “Santa Sullivan” and his elves. You have no idea how much we appreciate your generosity! You told us that these are gifts from God. Well, God has done his work through you and your friends. We thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. Some things are better than presents and YOU are exactly that – our gift from God!Most Sincerelyclose quote

Laurie S., West Hollywood Elementary

open quoteDear Mike: I want to thank you for the lunch this afternoon and for all the advice you gave me. There are a lot of adjustments when going into private industry and the time you spent with me will go a long way with helping with the transition. Thank you for the leads and the marketing ideas. Hopefully, I will have had conversations with some of the individuals by the time you receive this.close quote

Jerry B., Directory of Operations, Continental Investigative Consultants, LLC

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