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Published Articles

Michael Sullivan is a Ezine Articles Expert Author

Michael D Sullivan – EzineArticles Expert Author

IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty – Who Can Be Held Responsible?
As a former IRS Revenue Officer, I came across a large number of Trust Fund Recovery Penalty cases. The Trust Fund Penalty can and will have a damaging effect on taxpayers who are found to be responsible to pay these taxes.

IRS Financial Statments Seen Through the Eyes IRS Agents
As a former IRS Agent and Instructor at the Regional Training Facility, please be aware that IRS Agents are trained to find errors and misstated facts on the financial statements turned over to IRS to settle collection cases. These financial statements are Forms 433A -which is used primarily by Revenue Officers out in the field, and Form 433F is used exclusively by the ASC Unit at the different IRS call centers.

Offer In Compromise – How IRS Looks at the Offer – Former IRS Settlement Agent
The IRS Offer-In-Compromise is a much talked about program and advertise as “Pennies on the Dollar. Approximately 52,000 “Offer-in-Compromise” are filed each year and that number will be rising at a record pace. OICs are worked only by an IRS Tax Specialist whose expertise is OIC. All the tax specialists are trained to scrutinize the OICs. The program has an acceptance rate of about 22%. Here is the key to having your OIC accepted.

Owe IRS Back Taxes? How IRS Agents Look for Deception – Former IRS Agent, Instructor and Insider
Having worked for the Internal Revenue Service for 10 years as an Instructor, there are a few acid tests Revenue Officers/Agents will use when working a taxpayers’ case in their inventory. I also want to mention that when I was an instructor at the IRS, this was the first bit of instruction I would give to Revenue Officers coming on board. “Assume the taxpayers are lying.”

Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments – Get Immediate Tax Relief – Tax Tips From an IRS Insider
As a former IRS Agent and Revenue Officer, I am still an IRS insider and still have solid insider sources. When a taxpayer is faced with the filing of an IRS Tax Levy, immediate panic sets in and generally the taxpayer hasten to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. You can get immediate tax relief from Bank Levies or wage garnishment. You have to choose the right professional tax firm.

Release IRS Tax Levies – Bank Levy, Wage Garnishment – Get Immediate Releases
Being a former IRS Revenue Officer I know how to get levies released quickly. The following is the information you need to know about the process. You should always work with a tax professional to get the best possible deal with the IRS. Experience pays off.

Offer In Compromise – Tips From A Former IRS Agent-OIC Instructor
While there are many tips written about Offers in Compromise, few are from a former IRS Agent that taught Offers in Compromise at the IRS. Most of the tips I read are fairly accurate. The points I will bring to the table are told in light of how the IRS Agent, reviewer of Offers in Compromise, looks at a case.

IRS Tax Levy – This Is How The IRS Gets Their Levy Information On You
As a former IRS Agent and Instructor, I am asked all the time how and where does the IRS get their tax levy information? The answer is very simple and may surprise you. It comes from you. Yes, you usually give them your own tax levy information. The IRS does little to have to find it.

10 Golden Tips If You Owe IRS Taxes
I am a former IRS Agent of 10 years and have practiced IRS Tax Law for over 28 years. Here are some good tax tips if you cannot pay your IRS tax debt.

Important – IRS Certified Mail/Letter – Final Notice – Expert IRS Tax
If you receive certified mail from the Internal Revenue Service, do not be afraid to sign for or pick up the mail. It will be very helpful to bringing your case to a successful conclusion. Pick up and open this mail.

Golden Tips About IRS Tax Audits – IRS Insider Reports
Very few changes have occurred in the Tax Audit and the IRS Collection sides of things in the past 10 years. It has been very clear though, that the IRS Tax Audits are well on the rise, probably due to the economy and an order for the IRS to collect more money to pay for the huge deficit.

New IRS Task Force Set Up To Monitor the Iraqi Dinar
The IRS does not want this to become the next UBS. They will be watching all International Investments much closer in the near future as new IRS task forces have been set up to both monitor and enforce the U.S. Tax Laws regarding these International Transactions.

What To Do When You Receive an IRS Tax Levy
So you got an IRS tax levy? You are not alone. Last year the IRS sent out 1.8 million bank and wage garnishment tax levies to taxpayers.

Notice of IRS Intent to Levy – Stop Them Immediately – Golden Tips
You must take immediate action because just after a 30 day period of time, the IRS will start their enforcement proceeding on you. They will send out a Levy to your employer, also known as a wage garnishment or 668W and also send a notice of levy on your bank account, 668A.

Immediate Releases of IRS Wage Levy/IRS Bank Garnishments – Golden Tips
The IRS serves about 3.8 million tax levies a year. They get the levy information from your tax return or from third party sources that have reported tax information on you, such as your employer via W-2 or a bank that you have used. The bank reports the information on a 1099 interest form and sends it to the IRS.

Major Changes Made at IRS – Federal Tax Liens
The IRS has finally done it. I never thought it would happen.

Beware of Some Tax Resolution Companies – Do Not Be Ripped Off
The IRS has come out with several tax bulletins regarding fraudulent tax resolution companies within the past years warning the taxpayers to stay away from scam artists and companies making false claims. The numbers are going through the roof.

Settle IRS Debt – Hire A Professional Tax Firm
If you are wanting to Settle with the IRS on your tax Debt,? make sure you understand the program before you give your money to some tax mill.? Many companies advertise “Settle IRS Debt” to the peril of many taxpayers.

Stopping an IRS Levy on Your Wages or Bank Account
Do not let the IRS levy your bank account or wages, you can stop them today! The IRS levies when the taxpayer fails to respond to IRS Notices and Letters.

File Back Income Tax Returns – Lost Records, No Problem
If you need to file back income tax returns but you have lost your tax records, a good tax firm should easily be able to assist you in this process. As a? former IRS Agent, while with the IRS, we are flooded with this request from scared taxpayers just wanting? to do the right thing, but not sure on just how to do it.

IRS Tax Audit Tips
Being former IRS Agents and Managers we can give you tax tips to help prepare you for an IRS Audit. Know from the being, never represent yourself unless you know for sure your tax records are squeaky clean.

How to Get Your IRS Tax Levy Released – Fast, Fast, Fast
The? IRS Federal Tax Levy is the ultimate collection tool that the IRS uses to grab the attention of the taxpayer who has not filed or paid their taxes. These levies are sent out, and with one mail delivery, a person’s life will change.

Fastest Way To Get An IRS Wage/Bank Levy Released
The IRS sends out about 3.8 million tax levies a year to banks and to employers. That is a staggering amount. Levies are sent as a last resort because taxpayers did not answer earlier correspondence. The IRS is really not looking to levy, they are really interested in getting your case closed and off of their receivable system. They want full compliance from every taxpayer.

Christian Tax Relief – Levy, Lien, Settlements
Anyone can have IRS Problems. Due to the turn in the economy many Christians have found themselves caught up in situations they never thought they would ever be in.

How to Deal With the IRS Over the Telephone – Insider Tips
I worked for the IRS for 10 years and have spent the last 28 years representing taxpayers before them. Here are some great tips that can make your time with the IRS more pleasant.

Offers in Compromise – All About the Timing
Having been a former IRS Agent and Instructor in Offers in Compromise, I have seen so many mistakes all because the timing of the filing of the Offer was not planned.? It takes a skilled professional to gets an Offer in Compromise through the careful eyes of the IRS.

Appealing an Offer in Compromise
Are you planning to appeal your rejected Offer in Compromise? We file many appeals for rejected offers in compromise that other tax firms previously filed.

IRS Tax Attorney – IRS Problems – Christian Tax/Help Firm
If you are looking for a good Christian tax firm it could be hard to find. Many tax resolution companies profess to offer Christian Tax Help, but some will do anything? just to pick up clients.

IRS Tax Amnesty Program – Former IRS Agent, Manager, Instructor
Many people ask the question, “what about relief for federal taxes?”?There is a huge misconception that exists today regarding that.

Federal Tax Liens Hinder the Taxpayers Ability to Ever Pay
The IRS has had a policy for many years that if a taxpayer cannot pay their tax bill, they would file a federal tax lien to protect the government’s interest. In many cases the IRS was aware the? lien would never be paid off and that they would hurt the taxpayers credit and their ability to secure loans in the future.

The Bible On How To Get An IRS Tax Levy Released – Former IRS Agent
Much is written on how to get your tax levy released albeit a wage levy or bank garnishment. As a former IRS Revenue Officer I probably filed thousands of IRS levies.

Killer Facts About IRS Bank and Wage Levies
Facts you may not know regarding IRS levies, both bank and wage. How you are affected by levies.

The IRS Can Collect Taxes for Canada
There is a tax treaty between the United States and Canada. Few people or tax professionals know about this. The IRS Tax Levy, Bank or Wage Levies will read like this, “These are amounts due and owing to the Government of Canada and is being collected on behalf of Canada in accordance with Article XXVIA of the UNA-Canada income tax convention and applicable laws of the United States of America.

Top 7 Tips For Selecting a Good Tax Resolution Company
With so many tax companies claiming to resolve IRS tax issues, you should be careful in choosing the company that suits you the best. Do your homework!

IRS Hardship Status – Will the IRS Reopen the Case?
When the IRS determines to put your case in Hardship Status, few persons know how and why these cases come back out to the field or back into the IRS collection system. Having been a former IRS Agent, I had placed hundreds of cases in the currently non collectible status, known to the IRS Agent as Status 53 because of the form number.

I Have Not Filed My Taxes in Years, What Should I Do?
Millions of people just like you want to get back into the IRS system but do not know what to do. They are worried and frightened that they might be in serious trouble. The best thing to do is to be proactive and file all of your back taxes before the IRS tells you to.

7 Great Tips To Get Your Offer In Compromise Accepted
Most people simply do not understand the concept of the offer. They submit an offer simply because the program is available, having no idea of the assets and income requirement. Partial blame is geared towards false advertising to be the cause of these rejections. “Pennies on the dollar” has caused a frenzy of “everybody can settle.” This has caused a nightmare for the IRS.

If Your Federal Tax Lien Is Filed Wrong, You May Appeal It
Most people have no idea that they can Appeal the Federal Tax Lien. There are certain criteria required.

IRS CP 2000 Notice – Everything You Need To Know
Received a CP 2000 Notice from the IRS??Do not panic. But, by all means respond!

Has Your Name Been Forged On A Tax Return?
Has someone forged your name on a Tax Return? Maybe your spouse? What do you do?

IRS – Innocent Spouse Relief
Separation or divorce is a difficult time for most people who go through it. Sometimes, even years later, these can cause IRS problems which could be devastating.

IRS Statute Of Limitations
The IRS has a 10 year period of time in which to collect back taxes. After that ten year period of time, the back taxes drop off the tax data base and the debt is legally forgiven and can never be collected. The federal tax liens are also released by statute.

IRS Insider – IRS Financial Statement 433-A Or 433-F – Get Extra Expenses Included to Help Your Case
The IRS includes other expenses when taking the financial statement, form 433-A or 433-F. They do not let you know about these extra expenses, however, they can reduce your monthly payment under an Installment Agreement.

Trust Fund Penalty – Payroll Taxes – Who Is Responsible?
A trust fund recovery case begins with unpaid 941 payroll taxes from a corporation. After some period of time, the IRS computer catches up with the unpaid 941’s on corporate cases. These cases are always sent to the field for an examination of the trust fund recovery penalty.

IRS Penalties and Interest Tips From Former Agents
1. The IRS will only abate penalties for reasonable cause. Reasonable cause is based on the taxpayer’s specific circumstances. 2. Under reasonable cause the first thing the IRS will look for is what happened and when did it happen. Most cases are denied because the claim does not fit the time period involved.

IRS Offers in Compromise – Former Agent’s Tips to Get Them Accepted
They will check the internet, credit reports, the DMV and prior tax returns to confirm the information you provided is accurate. The IRS will conduct a thorough investigation.

Inside Tips for Dealing With the IRS Collection Division
The IRS Collection Division, an arm of the Internal Revenue Service, has little known practices they use to collect tax money for the U.S. government. The actual collection process has hidden secrets, as do any organization’s procedures.

How to Get Your Federal Tax Lien Released – 10 Golden Tips
Once Federal Tax Liens have been filed, the next project is trying to get them released. Last year approximately 950,000 liens were filed by the Internal Revenue Service. That number is expected to sharply increase.

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