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Owe, Settle Back IRS Tax Debt, File Back Tax Returns, Former IRS – Fresco, Sugar Land, Mission Bend, Katy

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  We are the Affordable professional solution. If you owe back IRS taxes and wish to settle back IRS tax debt contact us today for free initial tax consultation. You can speak directly to tax attorneys, certified public accountants, or former IRS agents, managers and tax instructors. We have over 60 years of direct work experience in the local, district, and regional tax offices of the Internal Revenue Service. While working at IRS we taught tax law. As a former IRS revenue officer I taught the IRS tax debt settlement program called the offer in compromise. Not only did I work the program, but as a former IRS revenue officer I taught and instructed us to seasoned revenue officers. You can contact us today for a free initial tax consultation and we will walk you through the IRS pre-qualifier tool to find out if you are a suitable candidate to settle your back tax debt through the offer in compromise. If  you cannot settle your back tax that through the offer in compromise or the pennies on the dollar settlement … Continue reading

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IRS Problem Help – File Back Tax Returns, Owe Taxes, Settle Taxes, Former IRS *Affordabale* Birmingham, Gadsden, Anniston, Huntsville

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  We can resolve any IRS problem whatsoever. We are the Affordable Tax Firm. Our firm has over 206 years of professional tax experience and a combined 60 years of working directly for the Internal Revenue Service. Not only were we former IRS agents we were supervisors and instructors as well. As a result of our years of experience at the Internal Revenue Service, we know all the protocols, all the codes and all the closing techniques to get you immediate and permanent tax results for any IRS tax help problem that you have. We’re A+ rated and have been in private practice since 1982.   Filing back tax returns It is very important taxpayers file all back tax returns. IRS has the ability under code section 6672 to  prepare back tax returns for taxpayers who do not file. They will make sure that you pay the highest amount possible. If you do not follow up by contacting IRS,  IRS will enforce the tax laws by possibly sending out a federal tax lien and as general rule a bank or … Continue reading

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Pay IRS Taxes with Direct Pay, Former IRS, Tax Help

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  More than 150,000 Individuals Pay Their Taxes with IRS Direct Pay The Internal Revenue Service announced the successful start of its new web-based system — IRS Direct Pay — on, which lets taxpayers pay their tax bills or make estimated tax payments directly from checking or savings accounts without any fees or pre-registration. To date, more than 150,000 taxpayers have paid more than $340 million in taxes through the new IRS Direct Pay system. With IRS Direct Pay, taxpayers receive instant confirmation that the payment has been submitted, and the system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bank account information is not retained in IRS systems after payments are made. From the “Pay Your Tax Bill” icon at the top of the IRS home page, taxpayers can access IRS Direct Pay, which walks the taxpayer through five simple steps. The steps include: providing your tax information, verifying your identity, entering your payment information,  reviewing and electronically signing and recording your online confirmation.   IRS Direct Pay offers 30-day advance payment scheduling, payment rescheduling or … Continue reading

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Estimated Payments – Farming and Fishing Income – What You Need To Know, Former IRS – Tax Consultations

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We are a full service tax firm that specializes in audit proofing your tax return. Feel free to call us for free initial tax consultation. Farming and Fishing Income If you have income from your farming or fishing business, you may be able to avoid making any estimated tax payments by filing your return and paying your entire tax due on or before March 1 of the year your return is due. This rule generally applies if at least ⅔ of your total gross income was made from farming or fishing in either the current or the preceding year. If March 1 falls on a weekend or legal holiday, you have until the next business day to file your return and pay the tax. If you choose not to file by March 1, you can make a single estimated tax payment by January 15 or the next business day if January 15 falls on a weekend or legal holiday, to avoid an estimated tax penalty. If these special rules do not apply, you may have to make quarterly estimated tax … Continue reading

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Ponzi Schemes – Theft Tax Loss Help – Clawback Treatment -Tax Attorneys, CPA’s, Former IRS

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  We are at professional tax firm that specializes in Ponzi schemes, theft tax loss help. We understand all the issues that are involved in the theft tax loss and the applicable IRS treatments on your tax return. If you are experiencing a theft due to a Ponzi scheme, contact us today and speak directly with tax attorney, certified public accountant, or former IRS agent.   Ponzi Scenarios for Clawback Treatment -Most Common Questions Answered Question: How does a taxpayer treat the repayment of a clawback? Answer: Claw back repayments of amounts previously reported as income from a Ponzi scheme are not additional theft loss deductions. Instead, they are repayments of claim-of-right income that result in either a deduction as a non-theft investment loss, or a credit calculated under IRC § 1341, whichever results in lower tax. A theft loss deduction from a Ponzi scheme is not a deemed repayment of Ponzi income that is eligible for IRC § 1341 treatment, see Rev. Rul. 2009-09, and a taxpayer that attempts to claim § 1341 treatment for all or part of … Continue reading

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IRS Tax Levy Help – Remove Bank Levy & Wage Garnishment Levy, Fast, Affordable, Former IRS – Dallas, Ft.Worth, Arlington

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  Fast, Affordable Levy Releases! We are former IRS agents and managers who know the system can get your IRS tax Levy released and get your money back in your pocket quickly. We have over 60 years of working directly for the Internal Revenue Service in the local, district, and regional tax offices of the IRS. As a result of our years of experience at the IRS, we know the systems, the protocols, and the fastest and most affordable way to get IRS tax levies released. Taxpayers who do not call IRS to resolve their IRS problem can expect a series of three or four bills  requiring the taxpayer to call IRS to avoid enforcement action. If a call is not received by the IRS, the IRS will issue a bank or wage garnishment levy.   IRS Bank Levy IRS bank levy is held by the bank for 21 days.Your funds are frozen. This gives the taxpayer enough time to call the IRS and work out a resolution to get the bank levy released.   Wage Garnishment  Levy An IRS … Continue reading

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Affordable IRS Help Puerto Rico – Tax Attorneys, Tax Lawyers, CPA’s, Former IRS – Expert Tax Help

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  We are comprised of tax attorneys, tax lawyers, certified public accountant, and former IRS agents, managers and tax instructors. We handle all IRS tax issues, matters and problems. We have over 60 years of direct IRS work experience in the local, district, and regional tax offices of the Internal Revenue Service. We can handle anything from a simple IRS notice her letter to going to tax court. We are affordable tax firm that can help you in any IRS matter We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and have been in private practice since 1982. All initial tax consultations are free. You can speak directly to an IRS tax expert.   Fresh start tax puts out a series of blogs regarding different tax issues. This blog , Employment Tax. Lucky us!!   Federal Employment Tax in Puerto Rico Employers in Puerto Rico are subject to the taxes imposed by the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) (Social Security and Medicare taxes) and the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA). An employer is a person or organization for whom a … Continue reading

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Employment Taxes, What You Need to Know, Former IRS

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  Understanding Employment Taxes, What You Need to Know All Employers must deposit and report employment taxes. You should see the Employment Tax Due Dates page for specific forms and due dates. At the end of the year, you must prepare and file Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement to report wages, tips and other compensation paid to an employee. You should use Form W-3, Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements to transmit Forms W-2 to the Social Security Administration.   Federal Income Tax Employers generally must withhold federal income tax from employees’ wages. To figure out how much tax to withhold, use the employee’s Form W-4 and withholding tables described in Publication 15, Employer’s Tax Guide.   Please Note: You must deposit your withholding. The requirements for depositing, as explained in Publication 15, vary based on your business and the amount you withhold.   Social Security and Medicare Taxes Employers generally must withhold part of social security and Medicare taxes from employees’ wages and you pay a matching amount yourself. To figure out how much tax to withhold, use … Continue reading

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IRS Trust Fund Penalty, What You Need to Know – Tax Defense, Former IRS

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  We defend taxpayers from Trust Fund Penalties. Call us today for an initial free tax consultation and speak to a former IRS agent who is a true expert in the IRS trust fund penalty. We can provide you with the best possible tax defense to avoid these trust fund penalties.   The IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, What you Need to Know To encourage prompt payment of withheld income and employment taxes, including social security taxes, railroad retirement taxes, or collected excise taxes, Congress passed a law that provides for the Trust Fund Penalty. These taxes are called trust fund taxes because you actually hold the employee’s money in trust until you make a federal tax deposit in that amount. In reality, they are not a tax. The TFRP may apply to you if these unpaid trust fund taxes cannot be immediately collected from the business. The business does not have to have stopped operating in order for the TFRP to be assessed.   Who Can Be Responsible for the Trust Fund Penalty The TFRP may be assessed against … Continue reading

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Beware of IRS Scams and Identity Theft, Former IRS

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  Beware of IRS Scams and Identity Theft, Former IRS   Beware – Tax scams can take many forms, with perpetrators posing as the IRS in everything from e-mail refund schemes to phone impersonators. The IRS has warned taxpayers to be vigilant of any unexpected communication that is purportedly from the IRS at the start of tax season. The IRS encourages taxpayers to be on the lookout for phone and email scams that use the IRS as a lure.   The IRS does never contacts with taxpayers by email to request personal or financial information.   This includes any type of electronic communication, such as text messages and social media channels. The IRS also does not ask for personal identification numbers (PINs), passwords or similar confidential access information for credit card, bank or other financial accounts. Taxpayers should not open any attachments or click on any links contained in the message. Instead, forward the e-mail to The IRS continues to aggressively expand its efforts to protect and prevent refund fraud involving identity theft as well as work with federal, … Continue reading

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