Have a College Student?

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Tax Credit for the First Four Years of College.

The American Opportunity Credit can help parents and students pay part of the cost of the first four years of college. The new credit modifies the existing Hope Credit for tax years 2009 and 2010, making it available to a broader range of taxpayers. Eligible taxpayers may qualify for the maximum annual credit of $2,500 per student.

Taken from the IRS.GOV site

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Offers in Compromise, Numbers and Facts.

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It may surprise you, but the number of offer’s in compromise being filed has dropped over the last couple of years. In 2005, just over 74,000 offers in compromise were filed. In 2007, only 46,000 were received. Why the drop???  The writer believes that the tax industry got the message not to send in a mess. Most of the offers that were filed were sloppy to say the least. The IRS has standards and people were ignoring them. Commercialism has hurt this industry because of unethical people trying to pick up a buck. Companies need to realize these are real people with real tax problems. The problem is to be taken serious. Look for experienced people working your offers in compromise.

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First Time Home Buyers Want Credit = Do not file Fraudlent Claims

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    First time home buyers beware, December 1st is your date, but do not try to fool the IRS with a false claim. The IRS has 25 criminal investigations going on at the present time because the 5405 form is so easy to fill out. The IRS is on the lookout for individuals playing games by trying to put in false claims. They have a specialized program with triggers in place for those who want to mess around with them. With the computer age, verification is so much easier. Beware.

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Settle Your Tax Debt for Pennies On a Dollar = Offer in Compromise, What you MUST KNOW, Former IRS

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    The Internal Revenue Service receives about 78,000 offers in compromise each year. Right now approximately 38% of all offers in compromise are accepted by the Internal Revenue Service for an average of $.14 on a dollar.   Please be advised, I am a former IRS revenue officer in teaching instructor. I worked the offer in compromise program at the Internal Revenue Service and are a true expert for settling your tax debt for pennies on the dollar, the offer in compromise.    You should beware of firms making false claims that everybody can settle their tax debt for pennies on a dollar. There are certain qualifications that everyone must meet. Because of a number of fraudulent claims made by tax firms promising “settle your IRS debt for pennies on a dollar”,  the IRS has instituted a pre-qualifier tool to find out if you are a true and valid candidate to settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar. Sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t settle for pennies, so beware. When contacting firms on the Internet make … Continue reading

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OWE IRS Back, Past DueTaxes + Here is How IRS Finds Out About You = IRS Tax Experts, Former Agent, Since 1982

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    Back in the day when I worked at Internal Revenue Service we would spend hours and hours trying to find information about taxpayers. Today a simple click of a button can get information to Internal Revenue Service in lightning speed. A lot of IRS’s work is now done on the computer system. The IRS uses a very specific search engine to get information about you.One of the main search tools is called “ACCURINT”. A killer serach engine. It is open to the public or anyone who wants to pay for the service. Different agencys use other search engines, but that is IRS ‘s engine of choice. It allows them to go back as far as they need too. There are also different levels in the engine to obtain all kinds of information. I recently had a case that the IRS used ACCURINT to pull up a court case. They summoned information from the attorneys and found a wealth of assets no one knew about. The IRS usually pulls these report up on almost all large cases. If you … Continue reading

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IRS Tax Audit Help = The IRS Computer System Scores Every Tax Return for a IRS Tax Audit = Former IRS Auditors

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  As former IRS agents and teaching instructors most taxpayers are unaware that IRS scores every tax return for the potential of a tax audit.   Only those scores with the highest DIF score have the potential for IRS tax audit. All key codes on every tax return are entered into the general data base. Each tax return has a DIF number attached to it. It is a series of internal codes that the IRS uses to determine whether or not it wants to audit the tax returns. It is based on norms for certain averages and the codes are kept locked up deep within the IRS vault. Fall out of the average DIF scores and you can expect to be audited. It should also be noted that the IRS randomly samples a number of returns throughout the year. Please keep in mind there there are a variety of different IRS audit techniques that Internal Revenue Service uses. The DIF score is the most common audit but there are generally 8 to 10 other audit techniques and IRS uses to … Continue reading

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Payroll Taxes Are On The IRS “Hit List”.

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Payroll taxes, 941’s are on the IRS hit list. The IRS works at and gives full attention to payroll tax cases. These are the so-called Trust Fund cases. Since these are monies held by a company ” in trust”, the IRS expects these to be paid over, on time, faithfully. When the IRS finds this is not the case, they come on strong. Most of the time, they will require a financial statement from the owner of the business to prepare to go after the responsible officers individually for the taxes. These are not taxes to fool around with. Never fall behind on them. Borrow money if you must, to pay them when required. When you get behind call us. IRS treats these cases under 6672 of the IRC code.

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Former IRS Tax Preparer – Hire Seasoned Former IRS Agents for Tax Prep

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  The IRS looks closely at tax returns. Last year they went after 250 tax preparers and their conviction rate was 82%. It makes no difference who prepares your return. If they do a poor job, you the taxpayer is still liable for the tax. It really helps to have former IRS agents prepare your tax returns or other true professionals in the industry. At Fresh Start Tax, we can help with that. Fresh Start Tax is one of the premier tax resolutions firms in the country. We deal with all types of civil cases including individuals, businesses, corporate and defunct corporations. We have staff that specializes in every facet of the Internal Revenue Service. We know all the IRS strategies. Some of our many specialties include the following:   Immediate Tax Representation Offers in Compromise/Settlements Back Tax Relief Bank Garnishments or Tax Levies Wages Garnishments or Levies IRS Notices of Intent to Levy or Final Notices IRS Tax Audits Hardships Cases, Payment Plans Innocent Spouse Abatement of Penalties and Interest State Sales Tax Cases Trust Fund Penalty Cases/ 6672 … Continue reading

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IRS Federal Tax Liens = Where are do they get filed, Remove Federal Tax Lien Help, Former IRS agents

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    The Federal Tax Lien is usually filed in the county, city or government locale in which you live. Since there cannot be a nationwide hunt for liens, the IRS places them in the locale of your homestead so the public has an easy source to find them. Generally, county or city records are now open in internet searches for such information. A simple click from your home computer can give you a wealth of information. Keep in mind the IRS can file multiple liens depending on where you have lived, moved. IRS has a lot of freedom with the filing of their federal tax liens. Need help with the federal tax lien, call former IRS agents and managers who know the system.  

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Where Does The IRS Get Their Tax Levy or Wage Garnishments Sources Information?

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  Believe it or not, from YOU. The IRS simply looks at your 1040 tax return and finds the information right there. If you have written a check to the IRS in the last 3 or 4 years they have that as well. The IRS  goes through your tax returns and looks at your employers and the interest and dividend income information that you have given them. They plug that information into the system and out pops a levy. So, you the taxpayer give them the levy source information.  Also keep in mind that third-party supply IRS information about wages and 1099 information. Third parties are required to send IRS information about all income. So you plus the help of third parties give IRS the information to take money if you owe back taxes.

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