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Fresh Start Tax  954-492-0088      Local South Florida Professional Tax Firm     “A” Plus Rated by the Better Business Bureau

We are comprised of Board Certified Tax Attorneys, CPA’s, Former IRS Agents and Managers who worked out of the South Florida IRS Offices.

Not only were we IRS agents we were also Managers and Instructors.

We know every tax strategy to resolve your case.

We handle all IRS problems. Tax Levies, Tax liens, Tax Settlements and Tax Audits.

Fresh Start Tax is one of the premier tax resolution firms in the country. We deal with all types of civil cases including individuals, businesses, non-profits, partnerships and corporations. We have staff that specialize in every facet of IRS representation. We know all the IRS tax strategies because of our extensive IRS working backgrounds. Some of our many specialties include the following:

  • Immediate Tax Representation
  • Offers in Compromise/Settlements
  • Immediate Release of Bank Garnishments or Wage Levies
  • IRS Notices/Bill of Intent to Levy or Final Notices
  • IRS Tax Audits, Large and Small Dollar
  • Hardships Cases, Payment Plans, Installment Agreements
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Abatement of Penalties and Interest
  • State Sales Tax Cases
  • Trust Fund Penalty Cases/6672
  • Non-filers, never filed, old and past due tax returns


Our Company Resume: ( Since 1982 )


  • Our staff has over 135 years of professional tax representation experience collectively
  • On staff, Board Certified Tax Attorney’s, Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents,
  • Former IRS Managers, Instructors and Trainers
  • Highest Rating by the Better Business Bureau “A”
  • Extremely ethical and moral
  • Fast, affordable, and economical
  • Licensed to practice in all 50 States
  • Premium on client communication
  • Nationally Recognized Veteran Former IRS Agent
  • Nationally Recognized Published Tax Expert


Have you received a IRS Notice cp2000?  Q&As


Why did I receive this notice?

Notice CP 2000 shows proposed changes to your income tax return. This proposal is based on a comparison of the income, payments, credits, and deductions reported on your tax return with information on these items reported to us by employers, banks, businesses, and other payers. The CP 2000 also reflects any corrections we made to your original return when we processed it.

Is this a bill?

No. We’re asking you to verify the income, credits, and deductions reported on your tax return because they’re different from the information we received from other sources. We may even be proposing a decrease to your tax. The CP 2000 is only a proposal that offers you an opportunity to disagree, partially agree, or agree with the proposed changes. We haven’t charged any additional tax at this time
Why did it take you so long to contact me about this?

Tax years generally end on Dec. 31, but we don’t receive information from employers, banks, businesses, and other payers until much later. Once we receive all the tax returns and payer information, our computer system compares the information you reported with the information the payers provided. This process is very complicated and takes a long time to complete. We’re working hard to shorten the time it takes to contact taxpayers. You may be contacted as early as 12 months from the date you file your tax return.
What do I need to do?

Review the information in the column marked “Shown on Return” and compare it with the information shown in the column marked “Reported to IRS (or Proposed by IRS).” Did you receive the income? If you received the income, was it reported on your tax return? IRS employees search the tax return and try to locate all income. Sometimes, however, several income items are combined and the employees can’t determine the source. If it wasn’t reported on your tax return, was it an oversight? If so, don’t file an amended return to report the income. Just check box “A” on the CP 2000 response page and return it with your check or money order made payable to the United States Treasury. If you agree with the increase but you can’t pay the entire balance due, you may be able to request an installment agreement. If you didn’t report the income for another reason, please explain.
Should I call with my response or mail it in?

Your response may be as simple as directing us to a line on your original return where you included the income with another income source. If this is the case, please call the following phone number and provide the information to the Customer Service Representative with whom you speak. If the notice was generated from Brookhaven, Ogden, or Philadelphia the number is 800-829-8310. If from Atlanta, Austin, or Fresno the number is 800-829-3009. It may be necessary to write if the issue is more complicated and you disagree with some or all of the proposed changes. In that case, write a complete explanation of the reasons you disagree. Also, attach copies of any relevant documents. These may include copies of Form 1099, Miscellaneous Income, Form W-2c, Corrected Wage and Tax Statement, letters received from payers explaining any changes or corrections, or any other items that support your position. If you have an unusual tax situation, attach a written statement explaining the reasons you’re reporting specific income items in a certain manner or why you’re not reporting the income at all.
I need more time to find my records and go through them all. Will you allow me additional time to respond?

It’s important that you respond to the CP 2000 by the due date shown on the notice. If you don’t, we’ll assume the proposed changes are correct and continue processing the proposal ultimately to an assessment. If you find you can’t respond by the due date on the notice because you need more time to research your records, please call the toll free number at the top of your notice. We’ll update our records to show you’ve requested an extension. Generally, we’ll allow an extension 30 days beyond the response date shown on the notice. We may also provide additional time to respond if you have unusual circumstances. It’s important to remember that additional interest and any applicable penalties will accrue on the account during the period of the extension if the tax increase is correct.
Do I have to pay the interest? Can you remove it?

The law requires us to charge interest on any tax that isn’t paid by the return due date (Internal Revenue Code Section 6601). The IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998, however, requires us to notify taxpayers of the proposed discrepancies within 18 months of the original filing date in order to charge normal interest. We may need to adjust the interest charge if we make initial contact after that time.

The law allows us to reduce or remove interest on tax increases attributable to errors or delays we made in the performance of ministerial acts (Tax Reform Act or 1986 – Ministerial Act provision). A ministerial act is a procedural, mechanical, or processing act that doesn’t involve the exercise of judgment and occurs even though you did everything we required you to do. If you believe you qualify for abatement of interest based on this provision, you should include your reasons in your response.

The law doesn’t permit us to reduce or remove interest for reasonable cause. Reasonable cause only applies to penalties and refers to an acceptable explanation of circumstances that prevented you from paying the tax when it was due.

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To file a 1040EZ or a 1040A. Which is best for you?

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So which is best for you? Thousands ask every year so here is the definitive answer. The first thing you need to know. If you file electronically, the software automatically selects which is right for your individual case.  Whether you use e-file or prepare on paper, using the simplest form will help avoid costly errors or processing delays.  Remember, if you file electronically, it speeds up the processing of your tax return and the delivery of your refund. At some point everything will be electronic. So here are your choices: Use the 1040 EZ when: Your taxable income is below $100,000 Your filing status is Single or Married Filing Jointly You and your spouse ? if married — are under age 65 and not blind You are not claiming any dependents Your interest income is$1,500 or less You are not claiming the additional standard deduction for real estate taxes, taxes on the purchase of a new motor vehicle, or disaster losses You can use the 1040A if Your taxable income is below $100,000 You have capital gain distributions You claim … Continue reading

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Whipsaw Tax Assessment-Professional Tax Firm

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So you ask, what is a Whipsaw tax assessment? Whipsaw tax assessments are statutory notices of deficiency assessments. It is a  technique utilized by the examination division of the IRS when auditing an abusive trust situation where a taxpayer has attempted to reduce or eliminate their tax liability through the use of one or more layers of trust entities. Where the subjects of the examination refuse to cooperate with the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS is unable to accurately determine the correct and agreed tax owed by each entity, the IRS will issue inconsistent notices of deficiency (one to the individuals, one to the business trust, and one to the family trust) Fresh Start Tax is one of the premier tax resolution firms in the country. We deal with all types of civil cases including individuals, businesses, non-profits, partnerships and corporations. We have staff that specialize in every facet of IRS representation. We know all the IRS tax strategies because of our extensive IRS working backgrounds. Some of our many specialties include the following: Immediate Tax Representation Offers in … Continue reading

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News Release on Federal Tax Levies and Federal Tax Liens

Posted on by This major news release is indicative of the climate of the Federal government taking stepped up enforced collection activity on everyone owing the FEDS tax.

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Facts About Dependents And Exemptions

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Here are some tips on this year’s tax laws. When you prepare to file your income tax return for 2009, here are two factors regarding your tax situation: Dependents and Exemptions. If someone else claims you as a dependent, you may still be required to file your own tax return. Whether or not you must file a return depends on several factors, including the amount of your unearned, earned or gross income, your marital status, any special taxes you owe and, any advance Earned Income Tax Credit payments you received. Exemptions reduce your taxable income. There are two types of exemptions: personal exemptions and exemptions for dependents. For each exemption you can deduct $3,650 on your 2009 tax return. Exemption amounts are reduced for taxpayers whose adjusted gross income is above certain levels, depending on your filing status. If you are a dependent, you may not claim an exemption. If someone else ? such as your parent ? claims you as a dependent, you may not claim your personal exemption on your own tax return. Your spouse is never considered … Continue reading

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New Report Tells About The IRS Abusive Tax Lien Filing Practice

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Collection Issues.  From the National Tax Payers Advocates Office. The report contains a detailed assessment of the IRS examination and collection practices, concluding that many practices have been developed piecemeal and that the IRS lacks an effective overarching strategy to maximize voluntary compliance. The report also concludes that IRS collection practices often harm taxpayers without producing revenue. In particular, the report cites the IRS lien filing policies as the second most serious problem facing taxpayers. The IRS uses automated systems to file liens against taxpayers in a variety of situations, even when the taxpayer possesses minimal or no property and the lien will do little more than damage the taxpayer?s financial viability and access to credit.  A study conducted by Olson?s office found no obvious causal relationship between the number of lien notices filed and the amount of overall revenue collected. Over the past decade, the IRS increased its lien filings by nearly 475 percent ? from about 168,000 in FY 1999 to nearly 966,000 in FY 2009, yet overall inflation-adjusted collection revenue declined by 7.4 percent during this period. … Continue reading

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Nine Tips If You Owe Money To The IRS- Professional Tax Firm

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Many taxpayers get a tax refund from the IRS each year.  However, if you owe tax, here are nine  tips on how to deal with your problem. Tip #1.   If you get a bill for late taxes, you are expected to promptly pay all the taxes owed including any additional penalties and interest. If you are unable to pay the amount due, it is often in your best interest to get a loan or borrow the funds to pay the bill in full rather than to make installment payments to the IRS. Tip #2.   You can also pay the bill with your credit card. Plus you get points by using your credit card. To pay by credit card contact either Official Payments Corporation at 800-2PAYTAX,, Link2Gov, 888-PAY-1040 or It is better to owe the credit card company than it is to owe Uncle Sam. Tip #3.   The interest rate on a credit card or bank loan may be lower than the combination of the interest and penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Code. The IRS … Continue reading

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8 Facts About Filing Status For Taxpayers

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Many people ask a common question to Fresh Start Tax professionals regarding their filing status.  Here are the most common facts you should know: Everyone who files a Federal  Income Tax return must determine which filing status applies to them. It?s important you choose your correct filing status as it determines your standard deduction, the amount of tax you owe and ultimately, any refund owed to you. Here are some facts about the five filing status options you should know in order to choose the correct filing status for your personal situation. Your marital status on the last day of the year determines your marital status for the entire year. If more than one filing status applies to you, choose the one that gives you the lowest tax obligation. Have someone review this if you are not sure. Single filing status generally applies to anyone who is unmarried, divorced or legally separated according to their state law. A married couple may file a joint return together. The couple?s filing status would be Married Filing Jointly. If your spouse died during … Continue reading

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Income Tax Preparation- Ft.Lauderdale- CPA’s, Former IRS, Tax Attorney’s

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  Fresh Start Tax     954-492-0088      A Professional Tax Firm       Board Certified Tax Attorneys, CPA’s, Former IRS Managers and Agents “A” Rated by the Better Business Bureau Fresh Start Tax  is a professional tax firm located on Federal Highway in Ft.Lauderdale. We pride our self on staying on top of all the current tax laws and are involved in year round planning with our clients. We have all the latest tax software and each tax return is viewed by two tax experts to ensure the quality from professional tax  firm. We work with many small business and large corporation alike. Besides regular tax service we also provide : 1. Estate and gift tax returns 2. IRS Tax Audit Representation 3. Payroll taxes 4. Month reviews and compilation reports 5. Financial planning Our Company Resume: ( Since 1982 ) Our staff has over 135 years of professional tax representation experience collectively On staff, Board Certified Tax Attorney’s, Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, Former IRS Managers, Instructors and Trainers Highest Rating by the Better Business Bureau “A” … Continue reading

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IRS Work Opportunity Tax Credit – IRS Tax Experts

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Fresh Start Tax 1-866-700-1040   Audit proof your tax return   Call us today Work Opportunity Credit Two new targeted groups have been added to the work opportunity credit: * Unemployed veterans, and * Disconnected youth. An unemployed veteran is a veteran hired after 2008 and before 2011 who: * Has been discharged or released from active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces at any time during the 5-year period ending on the hiring date, and * Received unemployment compensation under state or federal law for at least 4 weeks during the 1-year period ending on the hiring date. A disconnected youth is an individual hired after 2008 and before 2011 who: * Is at least age 16 but not yet age 25 on the hiring date; * During the past 6 months, has not attended or has not regularly attended any secondary, technical, or post-secondary school for more than an average of 10 hours per week, not counting periods during which the school was closed for scheduled vacation; * During each consecutive 3-month period within the past 6 months, was not … Continue reading

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